Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nowadays in the Bornfree

After a long time i have gone to meet the Bornfree kids and they all are as energetic as ever. What a smile they share with me. All St. Joseph's Boys are busy with their first term exams. Sanjana, Gowri and Gaja went and came back from Dharwad, the North Karnataka, where Sanjana was born. They all came back to the Bornfree. Without my notice, Prem and John (Prem's elder brother) were gone...what made them leave the BF?...Abhilash is about to be dropping out from the St. Joseph's Indian High School and last week his mother was crying for. I felt he must be feeling something uneasy in his life. He is refusing to go to the school. I also came to know Anthony Das has left the 1st PUC at the St. Joseph's College. He is the first student of the Bornfree who successfully has got a seat in the St. Joseph's and passed the 10th standard SSLC exam. It was his wish to continue his studies, but he had to switch his study medium language from Kannada to English, so he is feeling extremely difficult with his studies. So, what has to be done? We need a help for those who are at the crisis of studies or anything that might bring emotional instability to them. We cannot just feel safe after putting them into the mainstream of education. We need to do more for them....

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