Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Che Che Released in Hyderabad

On the 1st September 2009, Che Che was released at the press conference in Hyderabad with the message by Dr. Shantha Sinha, Chairperson, National Commission for Protection of Child Rights. She states; "Children are children wherever they are.The 'Bonda Boy' working in the hotels the 'mane bootha' working as domestic child labour and the 'rag pickers' in John Devaraj's film "Che Che" show their jest for life and fun.The pathos of their working conditions and yet their playfulness and the child's imagination has been so wonderfully captured in the film. We, as middle class, interact with these children in our daily lives so much, i am sure that the creative way in which John Devaraj has shown child labour in this film woudl sink into our hearts on how much we exploit our children and how awfully dependent we are on them. It is a brilliant film so Charlie Chaplinisque touching the heart of each of the viewers. It strikes the right chord of moral indignation. This must move us to action. Let me congratulate John and his team for this wonderful production. Prof. Shatha Sinha"

It is indeed demanding to show Che Che everywhere possible. Please help us to screen this film in your community, schools, colleges, corporates etc.

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