Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Che Che

Charlie Chaplin returns as

Che Che

Through non violent silent communicative films to make the world laugh, think and free working children of the world

Releasing worldwide triology

Bonda Boy; about children working in Hotels ~ 29minutes, B&W

Ragged dancers; About Rag picking children~18 minutes, B&W

Domestic Monster; About children working in domestic houses ~ 25minutes, B&W

Black and white and read all over

Though the labour law prohibits employing children under the age of 14 years. Millions of children are made to toil. Working children of the world stand at 246million and India 134million Civil society did not take child labour as crime and hence it will grow and go on. Child labour is like the system of dowry. Both systems are prohibited but both grow. People’s mindset has to be changed.

Art can change the world and give a new vision. That is CheChe Che Che is the truth in Black and white and red all over Che Che also refuses class conflicts but raises a doubt in the adult viewer’s minds that they are responsible in freeing children.

Culture of liberation We intend to take Che Che to schools and colleges , institutions, organization, communities wherever people gather. screening as a an education through entertainment program . This idea envisages that Child labour should become a subject of syllabus for children the future citizens of India

Che Che actors The child actors in the film are those who have toiled from their cradle and are now liberated. They are appealing to you by their immense acting and communicative skills. They have also contributed to the production of the films in all its creative aspects. The journey is memorable than the destination.

The Bornfree movement for the liberation of toiling children will be spread and supported by screening and viewing Che Che. Please arrange for screenings in your schools, institutions, neighborhoods. Get Humanize the world: Childrenize the world

No child is free until all children are free.

John Devaraj, Artistic Director

(Che Che produced by the Bornfree Art school International)

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