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Shiroi Hana-19th September 2009

Shiroi Hana

19th September 2009, 3pm to 5pm

At the Auditorium of the St. Joseph’s Pre-University College, Residency Road

30-minute-theater-dance show presented by children of the Bornfree Art School

Talk by John Devaraj, the Artistic Director & sculptor ““War Economy and Child Labour”

With a collaboration of the Diploma Course of Human Rights, St. Joseph’s College and SICHREM-South India Cell for Human Rights Education

Ten nations in the world posses nuclear bombs capable of destroying the world a 350 000 times, as many times as people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki died. Human energies and natural resources of the world are being directed towards not human construction but human destruction

There is A WAR going on. A civil war an unholy war an unrecognized war Declared by all adult men of greed against all innocent children, who were all born free now enslaved, shackled to labor! 127 million in India 246 million in the world 50% of all toiling children in India Essential products for human existence and living flavor is being provided by child labour.

We need beauteous birth not death.We need life not a knife, we need bread not bombs

There is a definite link between costs of wars and contribution to education. The economics and dynamics of arming the world and feeding its standing armies is impoverishing the children of the world. The mercenaries of war and arms marketers deny children their right to education, deny the construction of schools as top priority and therefore contribute towards illiteracy, poverty and underdevelopment.

War mongers have not learnt from the suffering of the people of Hiroshima. Twenty four nations have understood this and have no armies. They have all this saved resources for their people. We need no armies to talk to each other. We want to be friends without borders. We need the flower power of Shiroi Hana to bring about world peace.

Shiroi hana is all facts and no fiction. When the bombs fell on Hiroshima and reduced these white flowers to ashes, biologists said that white flowers will not grow for another 75 years But the power of nature is supreme. Shiroi hana came back in three weeks. The inherent nature of Human beings is thus like nature. The world needs to be friends without borders with Shiroi hana.

The Bornfree Art School cordially invites you, your friends and families for the Shiroi Hana show. Please be kindly present. The venue is at the auditorium of the St.Joseph’s Pre-University College ( 2nd Floor) and timing is between 3pm and 5 pm. Thank you.

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