Sunday, October 11, 2009

Che Che Screening~14th October 2009

Dear friends,
The Bornfree Art school in partnership with Alliance franchise invites you to the 
screening of the film  Che Che
at the Alliance Francaise, 
Thimmaiah Road, Bangalore
on 14th October 6pm,

story, screenplay, Music, Direction 
John Devaraj

produced by 
the Bornfree Art school

The film show will be followed by a discussion by the child actors of the bornfree all former working children.
Please come and bring your friends along

Che Che is a cinematic expression in the style and genre of Sir Charles Chaplin Master of mime. After Charlie Chaplin; there has not been such quality cinema, mime, music with just subtitles and no dialogues.
This style made it possible to communicate some of the most intense problems of the world like Fascism, War, poverty, homelessness, and child workers and so on. You can laugh the whole way through and have tears and fears of the system that you became part of.

It was Chaplin who through his work Great Dictator who made the most profound critique of Hitler. The kid was a stunningly reality cinema, highly entertaining yet a damning statement on the conditions of working children, on poverty homelessness…
 I sculpted Chaplin, which stands as stone tribute to in Bangalore to become the world’s largest existing image of the great Maestro!
Chaplin’s biggest lesson to me was to make people laugh and laugh until they can cry and act for the revolution which can free all toiling children.
Now I have made films in his style

Che Che in the film is a character who is proactive towards working children an artist like Michelangelo and Chaplin. He believes in social justice.
Che Che is also showing the conditions of working children in India through humor. It shows the stupidity of an adult world which denies children their childhood.
Che Che is a nonviolent silent communication in a violent world.
It is in the style of Gandhi and Luther King our gurus.
Three episodes  Original format HDV , Silent with subtitles in English, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese are available for screening
Please forward invitation to friends

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