Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The New Trust

Dear Friends,

Hi. It's been a long time to update the Blog. Sorry for the long silence! I will keep updating from now on! Here is a news about the change at the Bornfree. The trust for the Bornfree Art School is now reorganized; it is registered under the Karnataka Society Act and here are the new members of the Trust.

0. John Devaraj ( Life Trustee), Artistic Director of the Bornfree Art School
1. Dr. Narendranath V; Joint Medical Director, M.S. Ramaiah Memorial Hospital
2. Dr. Ravi Gopal Varma, Professor and Head; Department of Neuro Surgery, M.S. Ramaiah Medical College and Hospitals
3. S.R Sindia; Director of Sindia Swimming School
4. Fr. Melvin Pinto, S.J,; Headmaster St. Aloysius High School
5. Anantha, Artist
6. Sandeep V, Film Maker
7. Saravana Dhanapal, Artist
8. Swamy Mahamane, Artist
9. Maria Ralph, Artist
10. Aditya Mendonca, Student
11. Binndiya; Entrepreneur, Trainer and Writer
12. Parmesh, Headmaster of Banjarapalya Government School
13. Pooja Hegde, Artist
14. Arun Shiva G, Artist 

As is now, there are 14 members who are officially committed as trustee members. 

There are two levels of the Trust in the Bornfree; one is the above indicated, which consists of people from various social sectors. Another level is the committee which is consisted by young people who come from the working, street and bonded labour background, i.e. students of the Bornfree. They are the real actors who need to take up the Bornfree Movement. They are; 

1. Sanjana Juanita D
2. La Frida Shanthi
3. Gayathri Verona
4. Gowri Gazella
5. Prashanth R
6. Anand Dhanakoti
7. Santosh
8. Subramani Dhanakoti