Thursday, December 9, 2010

Screening at Suchitra Film Society~18th December 2010

The Bornfree Art School 
in Collaboration with
Suchitra Film Society and Suchitra Balajagat
Ananda ~ an Ode to Joy Haaku Lagge ~Santhoskakke
on Saturday the 18th December 2010, at 3 pm

at the Suchitra Film Society, 
36 BV Karanth Road,9th main, Banashankari, 2nd stage, Bangalore

Looking forward to your participation in taking the campaign forward.

Ananda~ an Ode to joy
Directed by John Devaraj is a full length Kannada feature film produced and performed by freed working children of the Bornfree Art School. It profiles the lives of 20 children with over 500 child actors in it. A hundred birds and animals have lent their voices to create Ananda. The film has been shot in guerrilla style combining documentary and reenacting personal histories. Ananda raises a critical question of the issue of 134 million working children in India. Poverty and Illiteracy directly related to the defense and military expenses of India. Do we need the ‘Ahimsa’ of Mahatma Gandhi or the ‘Himsa’ of a war culture?  
Does India needs Pens or Guns? 
‘Ananda’ is aimed at the children and youth, as those who will bring about the urgently needed social transformation to produce a culture of peace against the dominant war culture of the world, which shamelessly toils  246 million children.