Saturday, February 25, 2012

Freedom from Toil ~Painting Exhibition 
Artwork by children at the Born Free Art School will be on display this Sunday 26th February at Art 9, Gundappa Art Gallery, Kala Soudha, Hanumantnagar, Bangalore. All participating children who go to the school are former working or bonded labour children who now have the opportunity to get a school education and also take part in dance, painting, film making, sports and home tutoring. British Artist, Sadie Few, has been working with the children helping them to produce artwork around the theme of child labour and freedom. 
The children draw on their own personal experiences to express their ideas about what is a bad life and what is the good life that they aspire to. The exhibition will be inaugurated by Shri Venkatesh Dharnaraj, Senior Advocate.

Time;Sunday the 26th February 2012, at 4pm
Venue: Art9, Gundappa Art Gallery, Kala Soudha, Hanumantnagar