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Shiroi Hana and Art for Japan~27th March 2011

22nd March 2011

Shiroi Hana [White Flowers] and Art for Japan
Performance dedicated for Japan tsunami relief by the Bornfree Art School

The March 11th Earthquake and Tsunami has counted a death toll of 8928 according to the Japanese Police as is today. The number of the missing is up to 12,000. A total 3,19,000 people have taken refuge in 2,100 evacuation centers in 16 prefectures since more than 3 lahks housings were completely destroyed. 23,000 people were forced to evacuate from the threat of radioactive fallout from the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.

The Bornfree Art School will be performing Shiroi Hana (White Flower), 25 minute dance-theater about Hiroshima-Nagasaki atomic bombing, for the remembrance of tsunami tragedy in Japan. The Bornfree is a special school and performing group of artists which dedicate for the cause of working and street children. In 2008, the Bornfree had travelled to Japan and performed in Fukushima, Chiba and Tokyo, the earthquake hit areas. The school has been interacting with more than 5000 Japanese people and supported so far and we firmly believe that it is time for us to show our solidarity. 

Shiroi Hana~
Shiroi Hana was performed in the first Global conference for the Article 9, aiming to an abolition of armies in Tokyo in 2008. This production has been performed all over in India for the occasion of Peacebycycle, a peace cycle rally from Bangalore to the Wagha Border for the friendship of India and Pakistan.

We are performing on the occasion of World’s Theater Day on the 27th of March 2011 at 4 pm at the Kala Soudha, Hannumanthnagar. Eleven Japanese women from the Team Peace Challenger will be visiting us and witnessing this occasion. They will report us the latest situation of the victims. We are aiming to collect money, blankets and clothes for the victims. The TPC will take a responsibility to reach money and things to the victims safely.

Titile; Shiroi Hana~White Flowers (25 minutes)
Time; 27th March 2011 at 6pm, Kala Soudha, Hannumanthnagar ( near Anjayanappa Temple / Ramakrishana Ashram)
Script, Direction, Music and Film; John Devaraj
Choreography; Mioi Nakayama, Reshma Ravikanth, Anand Dhanakoti

I’m Homeless and Art for Japan~ Exhibition
John Devaraj, the Artistic Director of the Bornfree will be opening the gallery by the photographic and painting exhibition “I’m Homeless and Art for Japan” dedicated to tsunami victims for this occasion. I’m HOMELESS is the photographic exhibition of homeless across Japan, Cambodia, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and India. Art for Japan is a series of paintings as a response to the Japan Tsunami to raise hope, relief and reconstruction. The inauguration will be at 4pm at the basement of K H Kalasoudha. All contributions will be handed over to them to forward it to the relief operations underway.

We are looking forward to your presence and contribution. Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

John Devaraj                                Mioi Nakayama

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