Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bornfree Artist, La Frida Shanthi is featured in the Indian Express!

Article says;
Seventeen years ago, a four-year-old child was seen begging on the platform of a railway station in Mumbai. Lost in an unfamiliar world, as she embarked on a journey of her lifetime to Tamil Nadu and Bangalore, artist La Frida Shanthi wondered what fate had in store for her. “No one should go through what I had to go through in my life ever,” said the artist who even after a life of hardships has managed to turn her life around. Today, an internationally renowned artist and sculptor, she uses art as a channel to express her emotions and opinions freely. Read More

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Bornfree Art School will celebrate John Devaraj's Birthday on 30th October 2012 at 7pm at the Bornfree, Ragavana Palya, JP Nagar 9th Phase. The celebration is followed by cultural programs by children of the Bornfree. Please join us. How to come to the Bornfree;
You are cordially invited to this celebration! You can wish John Devaraj by phone if you can't make it; 9886306366.
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